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Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day

Today is the day we celebrate International Women’s Day so why do we recognise it?

International Women’s Day is annually held on March 8 to celebrate women’s achievements throughout history and across nations. It is also known as the United Nations (UN) Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace.

As a woman and a business woman I have had the opportunity to be surrounded by some fantastic women and have many to thank for the advice and support I have received throughout my life and even more so during the last 9 years since I set up my own business.

As a way of recognising the support I have received over the years in 2015 I decided to set up my own business networking group. To offer support to women in business who were starting their journey and may benefit from a few words of wisdom. To give encouragement to any women in business that they were not alone and to provide an environment where they felt comfortable to ask for support, advice and share ideas.

Our monthly meeting is being held today and to recognise International Women’s Day we will be sharing our success stories and celebrating our many achievements. Self-development is another huge area that has helped the women of today to have the courage to step forward with confidence and to realise all their hopes and dreams.

With each year women are becoming a force to be reckoned with – Happy International Women’s Day to all the fabulous women out there – Enjoy!

Sharon Louca

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