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Day Office

Hot Desk / Small Meeting Room

Day Office

Day Office

Need a venue for a 1-1 meeting or interview? Fancy some quiet peaceful working time away from distractions?

Our single day office can be rented on a half-day or full-day basis—or even by the hour if not block-booked. Suitable for 1 person to work from or for meetings of up to 3 people.

Day Office

Day Office


up to 2 hours £10 per hour
Half-day/Full day £30/£50
Discounts available 20% discount applies on daily block bookings of 3 dates or more (based on a full days hire – payment in full for block booking required)

All rates include free Wi-Fi, tea and coffee.

If you would like to book an office for the day, please follow the instructions below (or ring 01827 768430 to book by phone).

Click on the day on the calendar below when you would like your booking to begin. A timetable of available hours will appear beneath the calendar. From the dropdown menu immediately to the right of the calendar, select the time you would like your session to begin, then, from the next dropdown, choose the time you would like it to end. As you do so, the correspondng timetable times will change colour the hour.

(Note that the next hour block will also light up under the calendar. Don’t worry about this; we’ll see your chosen start and end times.)

The rest of the booking form should then appear to the right of the calendar. Please complete this and agree to the terms and conditions (at the foot of this page) by clicking the checkbox. There is also a “Message” space for you to detail any additional requirments.

Click “Book Now” and your booking request will be submitted. You should receive immediate acknowledgement of this at the email you gave. We will then confirm your booking manually by email or phone. If you do not hear from us within two working days, do please get in touch by other means.

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