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Managing risks in your business - This month we have a guest blog from ISO Expertise Limited - Quality and Environmental Management Consultants supporting businesses to grow and reach new markets by implementing Quality and Environmental Management systems certified to ISO:9001 and ISO:14001. When setting up in business you often consider the risks Will it be a success? Will I get any customers? Will I get the right staff? Will I make any money? You calculate how much of a risk it is and then you take the leap of faith or you decide the risk is just too high and decide against it. You then set up your business and get fully immersed in the day to day and often if you are not careful… Continue Reading
Business Networking – Not for Me? Are you sure about that? - If someone had said to me 10 years ago, I could stand in front of a room full of my peers and deliver a 10-minute presentation - I would never have believed it? Or I could stand and make an acceptance speech to a room of 150-200 people when I collected an Award for the Best Service Business 2014– me win an award what on earth for? Or that I would have the opportunity to become a partner in an existing successful business and build my knowledge and experience in a completely new business sector? Well, all these things happened, and it is thanks to networking for all of them. As a child I was very shy and lacked confidence.… Continue Reading
Who do I need to be? To be a successful small business owner - Fancy starting your own business. Who do I need to be, to be a successful business owner? Do you own a small business and find yourself asking that question from time to time? I am sure I am not alone as I have asked myself that question many times over the last 10 years. My journey has been one of many winding paths and turns, ups and downs. It has also been character building and has forced me to step outside my comfort zone. I have put together my top 5 traits of a successsful business owner: Patience - your dream career/company is unlikely to materialise overnight. To avoid throwing in the towel at every hurdle you will need to… Continue Reading
How to Identify your Ideal Audience - How to Identify Your Ideal Audience “Market to everyone, reach no one” We all know that if we’re marketing to everyone, we’ll end up attracting no-one, so it’s not rocket science that we should take time to identify who our ideal customer is and make sure we’re marketing directly to them. It’s an ongoing process, but here’s how we can work out who our ‘ideal’ customers are in 5 steps; Step #1: Ensure your brand has a strong identity and obvious values I can’t stress how important this is so make sure you do it first! You can’t hope to gain your ideal customer if your brand needs lots of work. Customers won’t be impressed and will be put off… Continue Reading
Happy International Women’s Day - Today is the day we celebrate International Women’s Day so why do we recognise it? International Women's Day is annually held on March 8 to celebrate women's achievements throughout history and across nations. It is also known as the United Nations (UN) Day for Women's Rights and International Peace. As a woman and a business woman I have had the opportunity to be surrounded by some fantastic women and have many to thank for the advice and support I have received throughout my life and even more so during the last 9 years since I set up my own business. As a way of recognising the support I have received over the years in 2015 I decided to set up my own business networking group. To offer support to… Continue Reading
Social Meidia Are you a fan of social media? - Social media for business and personal use is very different and should be approached very differently when it comes to your online business profile. Whether you are a fan or not – social media is recognised as the way consumers are making buying decisions nowadays. The choice is entirely yours whether you want to avoid it like the plague or get involved and raise your company’s profile online. If you do decide to take the plunge and put your company out there, then there are a few ground rules that you should follow to ensure that you get the best results for your efforts. Let’s expel a few myths Being on every social media channel will mean you get the… Continue Reading
Guest Blog: Will you reach your goals this Quarter by Charles Sanders from Action Coach -   Thank you this month to our Guest Blogger Charles Sanders from Action Coach. Last week I attended a 90 day goal planning workshop run by Charles and I now have a clear idea of what I want to achieve this first Quarter of 2019. The contents of this blog will further help me to ensure I reach those goals and I hope they will help you to do the same. Running a business is tough and I often hear flustered business owners say things like, “I don’t have enough time to get everything done,” and “How do I become more efficient at time management?” Time is a limited resource. However, time cannot be managed. What you can manage are… Continue Reading
Why do I need to write down my goals? - New Year - New Start - New You Its New Year 2019 and you have the whole year ahead of you? Have you made set goals for this year? Or are you just a roll with it and see what happens kind of person. Today I will show you how writing down your goals can impact on the income you earn. I will be giving you a book recommendation to help you makes those changes and stick to them. Also what you also need to consider when setting your goals. One thing is for sure if you really want to make things happen in 2019 you need to take action/do something to make it happen. We all know how fast… Continue Reading
Free GDPR workshop a great success this week - On Wednesday lunchtime this week Sharon Louca and Jacqueline Leake hosted a Free Talk on the impending GDPR regulations to small business owners from the local area. They provided information on the new legislation along with some practical tips on what they need to do to work towards being compliant for the 25th May deadline. The workshop was very well received and the attendees confirmed that they had felt the session was really useful and had increased their understanding of what they need to do. If you know of anyone who is looking for support with GDPR talk to us about workshops and practical support available Continue Reading
How much Do You Love your Business? - As February is the month of Love? How much do you Love your Business? Are you giving it the time and attention that it needs? Are you nurturing it, so it will blossom and grow? So many of us spend so much time on running our businesses, chasing the next sale, keeping our clients and staff happy. But how regularly are you setting time out of your day to day to focus on the future? Did you set goals in January this year, do you have a plan in place of where you want your business to be in 6 months, 12 months, 5 years. There are so many quotes out there – “Most of us spend too much time… Continue Reading

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